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Is There Such a Thing as Fetish Chastity

Fetish chastity is something that is not talked about openly and with others very often unless those people happen to also be involved in this fetish. While some may not consider living a life of chastity to be a fetish, when you think about just what a fetish is and how it works you might see how it is, indeed, a fetish. Basically, a fetish is something that a person really needs when indulging in a sexual encounter in order to make it work for them. In other words, they need to have this fetish as part of their encounter to make it possible to reach orgasm. Some people might still enjoy an ordinary sexual indulgence and even still reach an orgasm. However, these encounters are typically not as fulfilling as if their fetish is involved. For instance, the chastity fetish would require a great deal of discipline and respect toward the dominant partner. This is just something that really works to get these guys off and that is why it can be considered a fetish.

Embracing Fetish Chastity With Your Mate

Fetish chastity is a form of BDSM that involves a partner who gives punishment, and one who receives it. If you and your partner have been discussing BDSM play, then here is a brief summary of each role. For the dominant man in your relationship, his role will be one of great self-restraint and patience. He gets to enjoy himself, too, but he must not be too eager to satisfy himself in order to draw out the experience for both of you, as he is the one in control. This man will lock his partner’s cock in a cage that prevents the submissive to obtain a full erection. For the submissive man, your role will be one of great trust and desire. Your Master will tease you and punish you until you crave him more than anything. You must trust him with a key to your manhood, and that he will not abuse the privilege. All other play is left to the judgement of the Key Holder. You may begin with these understood roles and develop your own play based on this foundation.

Fetish Chastity Items

For those involved in a chastity lifestyle, fetish chastity items can become quite a vital part of those people who practice it. One of the very important items is a chastity belt. While these were first made centuries ago to make women behave themselves while their men were out fighting some war somewhere, there are now chastity belts for men as well. They probably would not be called belts but instead chastity cages or something like that. These are actually miniature cages with tiny locks and keys that are made specifically for them. They are locked around a submissive man’s penis by a Key Holder and remain there in order to keep him from indulging in random sexual acts. There are also such fetish items as various paddles and whips available that are quite popular with these sorts of chastity relationships. If this sounds exciting to you, maybe you might investigate a little more.

Let Fetish Chastity Take Control

Being involved in the fetish chastity lifestyle is something that I am very glad about doing. I was always extremely uptight and curt with people that I met out in public. Now, however, I have a completely different outlook on life and I am very happy go lucky these days. The funny thing is that it has only taken me a couple of months to completely turn my life around. Some people have said that I was spending so much time trying to control parts of my body that I started trying to control whole aspects of my life as a substitute. I can totally see myself doing something like that now that I have become involved in chastity. This means that I do not have the need to control anything since my fetish chastity devices help take control for me. I have the opportunity to look around me at the world and understand that I can actually be happy with my life now.