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The beauty of Male Chastity devices and the male form.

Chastity Devices to Keep Your Man under Control

The Best Male Fetish Chastity Devices Out There

I have to admit, I buy all of my chastity devices in one place: Koala Swim. They actually specialize in swimwear, but they sell some absolutely beautiful and unique designs of fetish chastity cages for men that are sturdy, lockable and really effective. I’ve finally got round to making a list of my favorite chastity devices – and it was a much harder decision than you might think! They all have such different strengths and so many of them look so hot when they’re locked on that it’s difficult to decide between my favorites.

Of course, half the fun of deciding was re-testing all my favorites, for which I used John, my always willing fetish chastity slave. I have full control over when and where he can use his dick, so he’s the perfect subject to try out chastity devices on to see how effective they are! So, here are the top 6 fetish chastity devices out there, although I’ve tried plenty more that didn’t quite come up to scratch and beat these beautiful examples of craftsmanship.

1.       The Ring-Master Cock Cage

Top of the fetish chastity cages is the ring-master cock cage, which embodies all the best things of a male chastity device but is my number one for one simple reason. It looks phenomenal. It has a series of metal rings that extend down the length of your dick and force the head downwards, but it looks exactly like some kind of spring. Obviously because it’s metal and has so many gaps, it doesn’t have to be removed for your man bitch to piss.

The little lock at the top of the chastity device keeps your man completely faithful to you and their penis is so well housed that if they really want to they can just barely tease themselves by touching the head of their dick but they’re never going to get any real relief! I’ve never seen a better design than this, and I save it to put on John for when he’s been particularly good. Sometimes it’s a little tight for him because I chose to buy the very smallest size, but he doesn’t have any choice and that’s the way that I want it.
Are you a fetish player? a fetish chastity slave? a fetish chastity master? You all might be interested in these extreme male chastity devices.

2.       Manless Ultra

I love the Manless Ultra because it’s a completely modern fetish chastity device which is completely unique. Instead of metal, it’s completely clear plastic so that you can see your boy’s penis perfectly. So can he, which makes it all the more torturous that he can’t do anything about it if he’s got an erection. The Manless Ultra is my weapon of choice if I want to really tease John. He can get hard within the confines of the fetish chastity device, but there’s nothing he can do about it because the device gives him no access at all to his penis. It has a small slit at the very end of the device so that he can pee.

3.       The Man Cave

The Man Cave follows the same plan as the Manless Ultra, but its smooth metal finish is so solid that it looks and feels like your man has a cock made of brass. There’s a little cap to unscrew at the very end of the shaft, but when it’s all screwed up and locked onto John he can’t touch himself at all. It bends his dick down and keeps it there when he’s hard just like the Ring-Master Cock Cage, but I can’t get enough of the way that it covers him completely! While it’s not as pretty as the Ring-Master, I’m so fond of the Man Cave that it’s my fetish chastity cage of choice when I want John to wear something on a day to day basis under his clothes. Even though he’s always hard when he’s wearing a fetish chastity device, it’s not obvious to everyone at work when he’s got the Man Cave on but I can still enjoy the knowledge that he’s completely obedient and owned by me!

4.       The Brutal Cage

The Brutal Cage holds a special place in my heart, simply because it looks so exciting! It keeps the penis held out in front of the body, so while it’s not suitably to wear under clothes to be hidden because it would stand out, it looks absolutely amazing when John is wearing nothing but the Brutal Cage, or even when he’s wearing custom made underwear over it that has a premade pouch to hold the erect penis and chastity device. The first ring that tucks behind the balls at the very base of the penis has a thick gold colored band hat looks almost like a collar, and the metal shaft has bars that reminds me of a prison cage.

Appropriately named, the Brutal Cage really does hold cock like it’s a trapped animal, and although it has bigger gaps between the metal than other fetish chastity devices, it’s the perfect space to tease your man but definitely not enough for him to relieve himself without taking it off.

5.       The Man Slut Cock Cage

Originally when I first saw the Man Slut Cock Cage I wasn’t so sure about it, but it looked interesting enough for me to experiment with it. How wrong I was to be apprehensive! It’s very much like the Ring-Master Cock Cage, but it only has thin bars of metal that stretch the length of the penis rather than rings around. They join together at the head of the penis where it is held in place pointing downwards into a little hole that makes it possible for a guy to piss.

Although it’s not the most torturous or tightest of all the fetish chastity devices out there, it’s one of my favorites because it’s great for everyday use. It manages to be restrictive without being uncomfortable, which means that I can order John to leave it on for days at a time to push him to his limits without worrying that it will be too much for him. Also, it’s airy enough to tease him and if someone was to accidentally bump against him, they’re less likely to thing he has a metal pipe down his pants!

6.       The Half Pipe

The Half Pipe is more of a hybrid fetish chastity cage, because it is very similar to the Man Cave. However, because it finishes earlier, it has a unique design that means that the penis is only exposed when your guy becomes hard. This means that when he’s turned on, you can punish him by teasing the head of his cock without offering him any real relief! It’s unique design looks a little like a tap, and just like the Man Cave it is solid metal so there’s no chance of John fiddling with his dick to get relief when he’s aroused!

Fetish Chastity Accessories

There’s more to the malechastity than male chastity devices, as plenty of you already know! Cock rings are like a basic starter into the idea of keeping a guy hard, even though they can often make themselves cum while wearing it. Of course, I know John’s body so well by now that I can tell if he’s cum without permission while wearing a cock ring, but not everybody can recognize disobedience so easily! Still, cock rings are a good way to work up to proper restriction for your man, and great to have a change of pace with.

If you’re new to the field of male chastity, why not try some low level devices to start off with? If you’re into making sure that your guy can’t get any pleasure unless you’re there or that he spends long periods of time turned on without being able to do anything about it, the following accessories will be just as effective as male chastity devices!

The Anal Challenge and the Ass Spark Cock Ring

As you might have already caught on by now, one of my favorite things to have John to do is to make him wear fetish chastity devices that make him aroused while he’s out in public but forbid him from doing anything about it. Occasionally when I’m not in the mood for ordering him to wear fetish chastity cages and keeping him under lock and key, I use ass hooks on him. The basic model is the anal challenge, which is perfectly shaped to attach to the waist band of a jock strap and to rub constantly against a guy’s prostate gland and keep him hard even after he comes. After coming just from having something stimulating him from the inside, John usually stays hard which is perfect if I need to use him for something else at the end of a day of him wearing it while he is out and about.

If I want to step it up a notch, there’s always the Ass Spark Cock Ring, which combines the shape of an ass hook with a smooth cock ring that keeps it perfectly in place and doesn’t allow an erection to go down. As well as duplicating the best subtle anal stimulation that there is, as used in the Anal Challenge, this fetish device has a much bigger ball to be pushed inside your man that makes it absolutely impossible for him to avoid stimulating himself every time he moves. It’s one of the best designed penetrative fetish chastity products out there!

The Chastity Bitch Thong and the Chastity Slave G-String

The great thing about the range of male chastity devices out there is that some online retailers even sell clothes that fit the chastity devices like a glove. If you’ve got your man wearing one of these babies, you don’t want to limit his obedience to the bedroom, do you? Some of them bend the penis down so that he can wear normal clothes over them and feel like your bitch without you worrying that anyone else is going to see him and get tempted by it. However, there are so many designs which I love and keep his dick straight, which means that you can’t exactly have him in a fetish chastity device when he goes out in his regular clothes or he’ll be poking people’s eyes out with his erection.

Instead, there are styles of swimwear that have been specially made to fit perfectly around a penis trapped and locked away in a chastity device, all without breaking any public indecency rules. When I’m feeling generous, I take John down to the beach and make him put on either the chastity bitch thong or the chastity slave G-string designs of swimwear. Obviously it doesn’t hide very much of his manhood – in fact it shows it off because the chastity devices add a couple of inches to his cock – but it covers enough to keep from breaking the law! Plus the back of the swimwear shows off his hot little ass perfectly in the summer sun.

Take the Initiative!

I hope that this has given you a good nudge in the right direction if you’re thinking of buying a fetish chastity device or accessory, but don’t take my word for it! Try all of them, because let’s face it, you might as well! The more you try, the more fun you’re going to have and none of the devices I’ve mentioned are going to bankrupt you. In fact, the Brutal Cage for example is a very reasonable $59, so don’t worry about being able to afford them. You can build up your collection over time, as I have, and in the process I’m sure you’ll be able to pick your own favorites out of all those available in the fetish chastity market. However, trust me when I say that it’s always best to have a good range of fetish chastity devices like I’ve suggested in my top six, because you’ll never know when you might want to use one!

Fetish Chastity

If you really enjoy being told what to do, how to do it, and cannot have sex unless you are granted permission from your dominant partner, then you are a prime candidate for chastity. This has actually turned into a fetish chastity lifestyle. This is a rather specific fetish with specific needs. Obviously, the first thing that you should know is this kind of chastity is pretty serious. If you do not feel that you can commit to a fulltime chastity situation, then you probably want to pass this one up because it does demand intense exercises for your training. Lots of men think that they have a chastity fetish only to find that it was not what they expected. Therefore, if you are simply curious about this lifestyle, it is important that you speak with some people who have been indulging in this fetish for years. These people are typically thrilled to answer all of your questions as well as offer some more advice. It is better for you if you listen to what they say before making that final step.